Refund and Returns Policy

Our Refund and Returns Policy at Article Writing Service is designed to help ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services and to provide a fair and transparent approach to refunds and returns.

Refunds and Returns Policy

A. Introduction

1. Overview of Refund and Return Policy: Article Writing Service strives to provide our customers with the highest possible quality, and in exceptional cases can issue a refund or authorize a return.
2. Goals of Refund and Return Policy: Our refund and return policy is created with customer satisfaction in mind, to ensure that our customers are fairly and accurately refunded what they are entitled to and their issues are addressed in the most efficient and effective manner.

B. Refunds
1. Eligibility Requirements: A customer is eligible for a refund if the purchased service does not meet the quality standards outlined in the Terms and Conditions Agreement or cannot be fixed within a reasonable time frame.
2. Conditions for Refunds: To qualify for a refund, customers must provide proof that the service is of lower quality than what was advertised by Article Writing Service. In addition, the customer must contact customer service within 14 days of purchase to receive a refund.

C. Returns

1. Eligibility Requirements: Customers may be eligible to return an article if it is not the expected quality within the parameters of the Terms and Conditions Agreement or the article is not delivered as requested.
2. Conditions for Returns: Customers must contact customer service within 14 days of purchase in order to be eligible for a return. Returns may only be made if the article was not delivered as requested or is not of an acceptable quality.
3. Returned Item Processing: Returned items will be reviewed for quality and accuracy. If the article is found to not meet the requirements of the Terms and Conditions Agreement, a refund will be issued. If the article is of acceptable quality, no refund will be issued.

D. Compliance
1. Compliance with Federal, State, and Local Laws: Article Writing Service complies with all applicable federal, state, and local laws in regards to refunds and returns.
2. Commitment to Fairness and Transparency: Article Writing Service is dedicated to upholding a fair and transparent policy for refunds and returns. We strive to meet customer expectations and address customer issues in order to maintain customer satisfaction.

E. Contact Information
1. Contacting the Article Writing Service: Customers may contact us via email at 
2. Additional Support Resources: Customers may also visit our website at for additional support resources.

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  • Full refunds are available for private or mistakenly placed orders.
  • Services cannot be cancelled once delivery has begun.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the quality of our service, we will work with you to find a solution.
  • If a cancellation request is made while services are being delivered, a full refund will be provided.
  • Refunds are not typically granted for completed orders.
  • No refunds are allowed once the order has been fulfilled.
  • Full refunds will be provided for any applicable delays in service.
  • Refunds will be processed using the original payment method, unless otherwise specified.
  • Product prices and descriptions on our website are carefully monitored for accuracy. If you receive a product or service that is not as described, please contact customer service at
  • To request a refund, contact Customer Service via email at or